Welcome to one of my hobbies. I like animals. I study them, I read about them I watch videos and have a particular adoration for animals that took a right turn from their family tree.

Take this goober up above. This gummy motherfucker is a Megamouth shark. A member of the basking shark family, along with Greenland shark and Whale sharks. I find this particular species special because the Megamouth shark likes to feed in lower depths of the water, and those gums help by being bioluminescence, attracting deep sea animals, much like an anglerfish.

Notice the word shark. Not exactly vicious. Lots of tiny little rows of teeth, facing backwards so food can’t escape. Which they could, because these guys aren’t fast. They spend their whole life floating around in the water, maw hanging open large enough to filter floating plankton and krill and whatever small fish aren’t paying attention from the water.

Look at this whale shark. All I see is a giant mouth demanding food like Audrey II.


Dear sports, you wanna mascot that is both huge, intimidating, and comical? Here you go!




Have a good life.



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