Midnight Musing


I recently read someone comment the words ‘I MISS YOUR FACE!’

‘I miss your face!’ is close to the perfect thing to say to a friend.

‘I miss your face!’ says:

We are super good friends and we spend a lot of time online together and send each other memes and stuff and even photos of ourselves but I really want to see you in person. So we can do things and be happy. *excite*

I picture two puppers being very excited to see each other again.


HI….ummm…do you like… stuff?

I’d say I’m over cons. I’d be lying.

I’m not a fan of crowds, and the percentage of douchewaffles at some of them just make me tired.

I wish there was some kind of non-verbal system we can use that is the most obvious but chill way to introduce the option of further contact. Like a  light board of some kind.

‘Hi, are you shy and not sure what is going on? and you want to ask questions without being mean girled?’

‘I am happy to speak to you about anything in length and will also provide a list of fandoms you may also find interesting.’


‘I also like Troll Hunter! Let’s be friends!’

It would be perfect if you were Captain Power.

I haven’t experienced this, but it’s such a great idea I have to plug it. A couple of fandoms create and trade ribbons with achievements or messages on them during cons. I would be happy to make my own if I was able to greet people and just hand them one.

First Person to Get a Ribbon        ‘I saw what you did there’

FIRST RIBBON                                 Farthest Traveller

SECOND RIBBON                            I Haven’t Slept

Most ribbons                                   Cosplay Made out of Ribbons

Best Fandom                                    I Love You / I Know

I’m just throwing these out there.


It’s How I Show That I Care

I like to send stuff to my friends. For the most part, they are out of context, if not senseless.

If you make a 10 hour video of moose calls, I will do what I can to find someone to send it to.

There is no answer other than returning the favour. Sending a meme about Nic Cage is the equivalent of waving when you’re mowing the lawn. If anything, it’s a reminder that I care. These are the little things we create in life we use to tell other people they matter. Like calling cards, but they have cats on them and save trees.

kitten cat rush lucky cat
Cute Li’l Bastards Pexels.com


Some Questions Are Meant to be Answered


A new game called Would You Be Mad?
AKA Good To Know

Randomly ask people “Would you be mad if I …..”

‘Would you be mad if I tripped you while being chase by zombie?’
‘If we were in a hostage situation, would you be mad if I antagonized the criminals?’
‘Would you be mad I shaved my head?’
‘Would you be mad if stole a dinosaur?’
‘Would you be mad if I stole a *rideable* dinosaur?’
‘If I found a kitten, would you be mad if I brought it home?’
‘Would you be mad if I replaced your body with a car?’
‘Would you be mad if I got a sex robot.’

I think this would be fun to do in a relationship. Any random night sitting around with the s/o and you suddenly turn to them and say, ‘Would you be mad if I bought a giant bean bag couch?’

The answer was yes. Sad.

It also can be a communication tool, in its own way.
Imagine you’re in a long-term relationship. It’s been years. All this time, you had a nagging question about something that you wouldn’t ask at first, maybe out of fear of rejection, or politeness. We all have one in us. Whether a request, or something about yourself you’ve never told them. Try the game.

‘Would you be mad if we watched more porn together?’

‘Would you be mad if I told you I slept…..’ Don’t do this one.

‘Would you be mad if I wore your lucky underwear around the house?’

Communication is key. Might as well make it fun.


Sleep tight.



P.S. Confession time. When the internet was new and I found a thing I liked (premieme?) I would print it out and put it in my scrapbook in case I never saw it again.



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