NOPE #Ontpoli


I can’t wrap my head around it. We spoke. We yelled it from the rooftops. Screamed it into the faces of the trolls. No matter what, someone you know will be affected by tonight’s election results. And it could of been stopped. We tried. I was sure we were smarter than this. That we were paying attention.

Tonight is self care. Maybe allow myself to wallow for a few hours. Unless we got a Deep Throat out there who’s about to surprise us all with a scandal, there is nothing we can do to change the result.

What we can do is get ready.

Get strong.

Get ready.

Get angry.

We have to be all over it. Every news release we see must be scrutinized. Every word that flaps out of Ford’s head needs to be studied.

And every act he does that hurts the under represented, the unheard, the ones that need help, must be met with utmost resistance but any means necessary.

If you can write, write about it. Tweet, reblog and share well sourced articles and news. If you speak with strength and truth, talk to the world, if you can act within you position to show what we should be striving for, do so.

If you can shed light on the problems we are experiencing, especially from a place of privilege of any kind, it should be a duty to perform.

This is not going to be solved with a couple of lazy memes and avatar filters. We can’t be flippant with the freedom of us and others. The care of others and in the helping of others.

If you need to do something but don’t know what, doing good is always a step in the right direction. Charity in any form can show others that there is always good people out there. That no one is alone. We are a people together in this, if we allow it. Anger and outrage can fuel our endeavours, but we must keep hate out of our dialogues, to prevent lost causes and unheard voices.

So when we all wake up tomorrow. We must remember that we have a job to do.

Make Ontario better. We owe it to ourselves. Let’s stop leaving our fate to others. Let’s show the rest of Canada what we can do under pressure.

Have a good life.



P.S. I’m just not in the mood to end on a dire note. I’m better than that. SO I am going to tell you guys about a charity that does real good.


Red Door Family Shelter has been on the scene providing emergency shelter for women and families running from violence and poverty since 1982. Every year they help hundreds of families find hope, 24 hours a day.

They have a dedicated shelter for women fleeing violence and help them work toward an independent life free of fear.

Take a look for a minute and see what they may need, people, money, things? Word of mouth? Just even taking part in learning is a positive thing. OK I have to go drink in a park.

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