Nope. Enough. Time to do better.

So it’s been a couple of weeks and I am a smarter woman than I was. Which is good. Try to be a little smarter every day. Be smart. Be nice. Be badass. Be better

But I couldn’t get that into words. Or, at least, there was a lot in the way. Everything I want to tell all of you is here, in my hands, but all that comes out is anger and hurt.

So that’s what I wrote. I needed to drain the infection. I let out pages and volumes of crap that had been stuck in me for a while. A long while.

That’s why I started this with a sort of ghost name. I still couldn’t comprehend it as me. HighNoonMoon was someone else who went through this. Writing in the third person can easily disconnect you with what you’re expressing. But that doesn’t do any good. You have to address yourself. You have to listen to yourself. You have to be yourself.

So I went over all my stuff, trying to find something useful and unique to give that can be of help to anyone. I rewrote one about 3 times and quit. I will publish these under different premises over time, hopefully in an educated and helpful manner. Lots of people dealing with anxiety and depression, but they don’t need to hear all the rants.

So for now I am winging it. Stuff will show up. Words are being made.


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