Moon meets the water in a silent kiss Where peace is created in whispering echos Of tides waves and rippled fingers of light Dance across the surface softly like skin Deep in cool mist wet pebbles Rattle and slide down stones Into silence still pools only to become part of it Pebbles have no regrets Moss blankets boulder invited a soft suface To lay a … Continue reading Refuel

Animal of the week! The Slipper Lobster!

Dude. Crustaceans. I thought I knew them. As a fauna enthusiast and as an eater of tasty things. I really don’t eat that much shellfish. I consider most lobster to be a vehicle for delivering butter into my mouth.  I muse about who was the first person hungry enough to grab this buggy looking thing and decided it was going to be food. Maine, Rock … Continue reading Animal of the week! The Slipper Lobster!