Midnight Musing

HAPPY BUTT WIGGLE  I recently read someone comment the words ‘I MISS YOUR FACE!’ ‘I miss your face!’ is close to the perfect thing to say to a friend. ‘I miss your face!’ says: We are super good friends and we spend a lot of time online together and send each other memes and stuff and even photos of ourselves but I really want to … Continue reading Midnight Musing

Animal of the week! The Slipper Lobster!

Dude. Crustaceans. I thought I knew them. As a fauna enthusiast and as an eater of tasty things. I really don’t eat that much shellfish. I consider most lobster to be a vehicle for delivering butter into my mouth.  I muse about who was the first person hungry enough to grab this buggy looking thing and decided it was going to be food. Maine, Rock … Continue reading Animal of the week! The Slipper Lobster!