Unpacking Baggage is the Worst.

I go to therapy weekly. It keeps me even keeled. For the most part. This particular session waded into my youth and the constant battles within. The injuries, the pain, the mental damages from all sides from the beginning. Any time I go this deep into those memories, it puts me in a very defensive place, after years of being told I was lying, or … Continue reading Unpacking Baggage is the Worst.

Skin Magic

Every name a totem once engraved Giving body to spirit Eternally touching heartblood Warming soul remembers Waning into woad Time and pain pays the toll We etch the names never forgotten to give pain to grief Give name to grief So we may speak it someday with smiles Telling of ledgend mostly of lore So even if minds fail The name remains Continue reading Skin Magic

OK so just fair warning….

From now on, if you didn’t know what direction I will be going in, this means more post, less sense. Like this haiku dump… Iridesant eyes Gemstones fleck an iris Crystaline in loves’ light Swirling scents a comfort Invoke old incantations Whispered in pasted lives Sooth the days’ soul with Quiet and calm smooth waters Blue clean glass surface Living for the now Makes it … Continue reading OK so just fair warning….